0463 Hot Melt Glue Sticks size : 2.5 inch, thickness ( Pack of 100 )

Weight:748 g

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  • his product is non-toxic, easy to operate, continuously used without charring phenomenon with rapid adhesion, anti-aging, non-toxic, good thermal stability, film toughness and other characteristics. The shape of rods, granular. Glue Sticks use in glue gun.
  • Widely used hot-Melt adhesives in the world of high viscosity and drip-dryness, glazing box packing, food packing, wood, hand-craft and Christmas products. Soft point: 80℃±5℃ : Material: EVA : Viscosity: 5,300cp : Usage temperature: 150℃—180℃ : Solidify time: 8-10 seconds

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